At home in nature

Like the famous Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe, this pavilion is located in the middle of green, idyllic nature near to the Lake Zurich. The highlight of the project; the pavilion is connected underground with the adjacent farmhouse.

Surrounded by meadows and fruit trees, the pavilion blends in discreetly with nature. Due to the completely minimal glazing, the boundaries of living area and garden are completely dissolved.

The sliding windows can be operated automatically at the touch of a button, opening up the living space almost completely. This creates a special kind of living experience that is close to nature and almost limitless.

"This is the place where we spend our daily life in the middle of nature; where we invite guests and cook together. »

Anna Thomas, Building owner

Anna Thomas, Building Owner

In order for the pavilion to be realised at all, it had to be developed as an extension to the historic 17th century farmhouse in which the client previously lived.

Nevertheless, the pavilion should have a free-standing character, whereby the connection to the existing house was implemented underground. It contains the bedrooms and private rooms as a retreat.

"We would definitely re-elect swissFineLine.
For one simple reason: We have always felt that we were in good hands from the very beginning. The result speaks for itself. » 

Anna Thomas, Building owner


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