Previously unachievable dimensions

It''s all about the view. swissFineLine sliding windows are made for big things. Without compromise.

swissFineLine offers element sizes up to 20 m². A single pane of glass can be produced in the size of 6 x 3.20 metres. In this system, the glass acts as a self-supporting structural element, which makes it possible to completely omit any framing.

Thanks to the ingenious glass bonding technology on the specially developed machines and equipment, the stresses on the glass and damage during the processing process can be reduced to a minimum.

The drive mechanism can move sliding windows weighing up to 1,200 kg automatically and almost silently. Sliding door systems can be opened and closed almost soundlessly at the push of a button, thus guaranteeing maximum operating comfort.

Thanks to its incredibly small dimensions, the electric motor is fitted concealed in the lintel profile.