Bullet resistance

swissFineLine resists even the most brutal attacks. With the bullet-resistant components of triple-glazed insulation glass, reinforced frame profiles and appropriate fixing devices your property becomes a transparent fortress.

swissFineLine has been tested in the bullet-resistance classes up to FB6-NS (caliber 5.56x45, 7.62x51 solid jacket, without splinter outlet). 

This may be for public institutions, museums, jewelers, or private persons, irrespective of whether the intention is to protect persons or valuables.

In comparison with conventional bullet-proof glass, our bullet-resistant laminated glass is more secure, thinner, more lightweight, colour-neutral and impermeable to UV radiation.

swissFineLine Protect uses the safest and thinnest high-tech glass.

Bullet-resistant glass, like laminated safety glass, traditionally consists of numerous layers of glass and foil.

  • The result is a very thick and extremely heavy glass structure
  • This is optically and technically unsuitable for large glass elements and sliding doors
  • thickness of the elements prevents an optically perfect and colour-neutral glass
  • Due to the heavy weight of the superstructure, sliding doors of the appropriate size are no longer technically feasible
  • Thermal insulation through double glazing is no longer compatible with increasing thickness of the glass structure

Weapons overview

Weapons overview

The resistance class FB6 protects against fire from short and long weapons with calibres of up to 5.56x45 and 7.62x51 full jacket bullet

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